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             The Fremont Chess Club meets on most Friday's and is open to all chess enthusiasts. If you live in east or south Bay area and are looking to play casual chess on a Friday evening, this is the place to be! 

        The club attracts diverse set of local chess players  - adults and children, masters/experts as well as intermediate level players. The club usually is open between 8 PM and 11 PM . Chess boards, pieces and clocks are provided by the club.

        Suggested donation is $3 per visit or if you prefer you can sign up for $60 annual membership. USCF membership is not required to play in the club (rated tournaments excepted). Contact Ken Zowal to be included in the club email distribution list.

        From time to time, the club hosts simuls and lectures from prominent local, national (and occasionally even international) chess experts, masters and grand masters. The club is the proud sponsor of the Hans Poschman Memorial Tournament, held in,loving memory of the late bay area chess enthusiast Hans Poschman. Stay tuned and look out for information on the " Event Calender" page.

         The club is co-located within Fremont Cultural Arts Council and is adjacent to Tak Stadium (Central Fremont). Address for the club is 3375 Country Drive. Fremont, CA 94536-6200.  Click the Contact link for the map and directions.

Frisco Del Rosario at Fremont Chess Club - Feb. 2011

Blitz @ Fremont Chess Club on June 24, 2011

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